Surface code--biophysical signals for apoptotic cell clearance.


Apoptotic cell death and the clearance of dying cells play an important and physiological role in embryonic development and normal tissue turnover. In contrast to necrosis, apoptosis proceeds in an anti-inflammatory manner. It is orchestrated by the timed release and/or exposure of so-called 'find-me', 'eat me' and 'tolerate me' signals. Mononuclear… (More)
DOI: 10.1088/1478-3975/10/6/065007


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@article{Biermann2013SurfaceCS, title={Surface code--biophysical signals for apoptotic cell clearance.}, author={Mona Helena Biermann and Christian Mauer{\"o}der and Jan M. Brauner and Ricardo Alfredo Chaurio and Christina Janko and Martin Herrmann and Luis E. Munoz}, journal={Physical biology}, year={2013}, volume={10 6}, pages={065007} }