Surface-adhered composite poly(vinyl alcohol) physical hydrogels: polymersome-aided delivery of therapeutic small molecules.


Surface-mediated drug delivery (SMDD) is an approach which aims to administer therapeutics to adhering or suspension cells from implantable devices or from tissue engineering scaffolds. Herein is reported the proof of concept for polymersome-aided trapping of the cytotoxic hydrophobic compound thiocoraline in a physical poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) hydrogel matrix and the subsequent viability of myoblast cells cultured on this surfaceadhered composite hydrogel. The ABA triblock copolymer, poly( N -acryloyl morpholine)block -poly(cholesteryl acrylate)block -poly( N -acryloyl morpholine) (PNAMb -PChAb -PNAM), is synthesized, and the self-assembly of this polymer into polymersomes is shown. The polymersomes are loaded with the model cargo fl uorescein in order to visualize the entrapping of the small payload in this composite hydrogel. To render the PVA hydrogels cell adhesive, a poly(dopamine) (PDA) coating is successfully applied to the biointerface. Finally, to demonstrate the feasibility that active cargo can be entrapped and yield a cell response, the composite hydrogels are loaded with the cytotoxic depsipeptide thiocoraline and used in SMDD. The cargo activity is ascertained via monitoring the viability of myoblast cells adhering to the composite hydrogels ( Scheme 1 ). Taken together, the presented results contribute signifi cantly to the development of methods in SMDD for various biomedical applications. Among the most well-known examples in SMDD to date are hormone-eluting contraceptive coils, [ 1 ] and drug-eluting stents, which have demonstrated their clinical relevance by their unparalleled success in preventing restenosis. [ 2 ] Implantable drugeluting devices [ 3 ] are of great commercial interest, [ 4 ] and there is a need for sophisticated coatings when it comes to delivery of a broad range of different cargo. Further, there is a considerable demand for hydrogel-based drug-eluting [ 5 ] micro-structured [ 6 ]

DOI: 10.1002/adhm.201200092

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