Surface-Passivation Effects on the Performance of 4H-SiC BJTs

  title={Surface-Passivation Effects on the Performance of 4H-SiC BJTs},
  author={Reza Ghandi and Benedetto Buono and Martin Domeij and Robert Vilaltella Esteve and A Schox0308ner and Jisheng Han and Sima Dimitrijev and Sergey A. Reshanov and C-M Zetterling and Mikael Ox0308stling},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices},
In this brief, the electrical performance in terms of maximum current gain and breakdown voltage is compared experimentally and by device simulation for 4H-SiC BJTs passivated with different surface-passivation layers. Variation in bipolar junction transistor (BJT) performance has been correlated to densities of interface traps and fixed oxide charge, as evaluated through MOS capacitors. Six different methods were used to fabricate SiO2 surface passivation on BJT samples from the same wafer… CONTINUE READING
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