Surface Ices and the Atmospheric Composition of Pluto

  title={Surface Ices and the Atmospheric Composition of Pluto},
  author={T. Owen and T. Roush and D. Cruikshank and J. Elliot and L. Young and C. de Bergh and B. Schmitt and T. Geballe and R. H. Brown and M. Bartholomew},
  pages={745 - 748}
Observations of the 1.4- to 2.4-micrometer spectrum of Pluto reveal absorptions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen ices and confirm the presence of solid methane. Frozen nitrogen is more abundant than the other two ices by a factor of about 50; gaseous nitrogen must therefore be the major atmospheric constituent. The absence of carbon dioxide absorptions is one of several differences between the spectra of Pluto and Triton in this region. Both worlds carry information about the composition of the… Expand

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  • T. Owen
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Planetary and space science
  • 2000
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