Surface Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Chromium in Inorganic Oxides.

  title={Surface Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Chromium in Inorganic Oxides.},
  author={Bert M Weckhuysen and Israel E. Wachs and Robert A. Schoonheydt},
  journal={Chemical reviews},
  volume={96 8},
A. General Introduction Among the transition metal ions of the 3d series, Cr takes a particular position because of its variability in oxidation state, coordination numbers and molecular structure.1,2 The elucidation of these Cr species on inorganic oxidic surfaces is a complex task, which is of fundamental importance to understanding the behavior of Cr in the environment, colloids, and Cr-based heterogeneous catalysts.3-6 The environmental behavior of Cr is illustrated in Figure 1. Chromium is… CONTINUE READING


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