Sur la distribution des nombres premiers

  title={Sur la distribution des nombres premiers},
  author={Helge von Koch},
  journal={Acta Mathematica},
  • H. V. Koch
  • Published 1 December 1901
  • Mathematics
  • Acta Mathematica
New estimates for some integrals of functions defined over primes
In this paper we give new estimates for integrals involving some arithmetic functions defined over prime numbers. The main focus here is on the prime counting function π(x) and the Chebyshev
A Simple and Accurate Relation Between the Logarithm Integral Li(x) and the Primes Counting Function π(x) is Derived Making use of the O.E.I.S. Prime Numbers “Sequences”
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    Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
  • 2021
Email: Abstract: Today the prime numbers π(x) contained under the number x appears to be somewhat overestimated by the logarithm integral function Li(x) and underestimated by
The Elementary Proof of the Riemann's Hypothesis
This research paper aims to explicate the complex issue of the Riemann's Hypothesis and ultimately presents its elementary proof. The method implements one of the binomial coefficients, to
On the Asymptotic Density of Prime k-tuples and a Conjecture of Hardy and Littlewood
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  • Mathematics, Computer Science
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"Skewes numbers" are found for 8 more prime k-tuples and provided numerical data in support of the Hardy-Littlewood conjecture and several algorithms to compute such numbers are presented.
Effective estimates for some functions defined over primes
. In this paper we give effective estimates for some classical arithmetic functions defined over prime numbers. First we find the smallest real number x 0 so that some inequality involving Chebyshev’s ϑ
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New Estimates for Some Functions Defined Over Primes
New explicit estimates for Chebyshev's $\vartheta$-function are established and new upper and lower bounds for some functions defined over the prime numbers are derived, for instance the prime counting function $\pi(x)$, which improve the currently best ones.
Estimates for π(x) for Large Values of x and Ramanujan's Prime Counting Inequality
In this paper we use refined approximations for Chebyshev's $\vartheta$-function to establish new explicit estimates for the prime counting function $\pi(x)$, which improve the current best estimates
Explicit results on primes
Let p be a prime number. In this thesis we prove the following theorems. Theorem -1.0.1. Let x0 ≥ 4·1018 be a fixed constant and let x > x0. Then there exists at least one prime p such that (1 −∆−1)x