Sur des œstrogènes dérivés du triphényléthylène


A series of derivatives of triphenylethylene have been tested and some of them found to possess interesting oestrogenic properties; the relations between chemical constitution and oestrogenic activity have been discussed. 
DOI: 10.1007/BF02163895


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@article{Lacassagne2005SurD, title={Sur des œstrog{\`e}nes d{\'e}riv{\'e}s du triph{\'e}nyl{\'e}thyl{\`e}ne}, author={Antoine Lacassagne and Ng. Ph. Buu-Ho{\"i} and Mlle L. Corre and Jehan Lecocq and Robert E. Royer}, journal={Experientia}, year={2005}, volume={2}, pages={70-71} }