Supratentorial arteriovenous malformations.

  title={Supratentorial arteriovenous malformations.},
  author={Richard Clatterbuck and Frank P. K. Hsu and Robert F. Spetzler},
  volume={57 1 Suppl},
  pages={164-7; discussion 164-7}
Arteriovenous malformations are a heterogeneous group of intra-axial central nervous system vascular lesions consisting of tangles of abnormal arteriovenous connections without intervening capillary beds. The heterogeneity of arteriovenous malformations is described by the Spetzler-Martin grading scale, a scale that also forms the basis for clinical decision making. The microsurgical treatment of appropriately selected supratentorial arteriovenous malformations is based on the tenets of… CONTINUE READING