Supraspinal locomotor control in quadrupeds and humans.

  title={Supraspinal locomotor control in quadrupeds and humans.},
  author={Klaus Jahn and Angela Deutschl{\"a}nder and Thomas Stephan and Roger Kalla and Katharina H{\"u}fner and Judith Wagner and Michael Strupp and Thomas Brandt},
  journal={Progress in brain research},
Locomotion in humans and other vertebrates is based on spinal pattern generators, which are regulated by supraspinal control. Most of our knowledge about the hierarchical network of supraspinal locomotion centres derives from animal experiments, mainly in the cat. Here we summarize evidence that the supraspinal network of quadrupeds is conserved in humans despite their transition to bipedalism. By use of mental imagery of locomotion in fMRI we found (1), locomotion modulates sensory systems and… CONTINUE READING


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