Suprarenal aortic occlusion.

  title={Suprarenal aortic occlusion.},
  author={Scott Tapper and William H. Edwards and J L Mulherin and R. Shayn Martin},
  journal={Journal of vascular surgery},
  volume={18 3},
  pages={372-9; discussion 379-80}
PURPOSE This report was designed to elucidate the clinical manifestations of suprarenal aortic occlusion (SRAO) and determine the efficacy of surgical treatment. METHODS A retrospective review of 135 patients with aortic occlusion was undertaken from which the 16 patients (12%) with SRAO were found. RESULTS Analysis yielded two subsets of patients based on the time-frame over which SRAO developed. Group I (n = 13) had chronic aortic occlusion with proximal propagation of thrombus to involve… CONTINUE READING