Suprapubic cystostomy using optical urethrotome in female patients.

  title={Suprapubic cystostomy using optical urethrotome in female patients.},
  author={Ajit Somaji Sawant and Sujata Kiran Patwardhan and Mohammad Ismail Attar and Radheshyam R. Varma and Ujjwal Bansal},
  journal={Journal of endourology},
  volume={23 8},
PURPOSE In many female patients for lower urinary tract reconstructive procedures, a suprapubic cystostomy along with perurethral catheter is required for urinary diversion. We describe a new and simple method of intraoperative suprapubic catheter placement using optical urethrotome wherein distension of bladder is not required. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 26 patients underwent suprapubic catheter placement intraoperatively with the aid of Sachse' optical urethrotome and its outer sheath… CONTINUE READING