Supranormal dietary folic acid supplementation: effects on methionine metabolism in weanling rats

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There are nationwide folic acid (FA) fortification programmes of staple foods established or under consideration in order to prevent neural tube defects. Universal FA fortification still remains controversial because of the concern that additional FA in the diets of population groups (e.g. children and elderly) not initially targeted for fortification may suffer adverse effects. However, dietary surveys regarding folate generally deal with adults and little is known about the consumption and… Expand
Effects of dietary supplementation of high-dose folic acid on biomarkers of methylating reaction in vitamin B12-deficient rats
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Adequate or elevated dietary folate does not ameliorate the reduced antioxidant capacity induced by vitamin B12 deficiency in aged rats.
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Folic Acid Effects on S-Adenosylmethionine, S-Adenosylhomocysteine, and DNA Methylation in Patients with Intermediate Hyperhomocysteinemia
Palm tocotrienol-rich fraction reduced plasma homocysteine and heart oxidative stress in rats fed with a high-methionine diet


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