Supramolecular properties of the proline-rich gamma-Zein N-terminal domain.

  title={Supramolecular properties of the proline-rich gamma-Zein N-terminal domain.},
  author={Marcelo J Kogan and Ionara Irion Dalcol and Pau Gorostiza and Carmen L{\'o}pez-Iglesias and Ramon Pons and Miquel Pons and Fausto Sanz and Ernest Giralt},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={83 2},
Zeins are maize storages proteins that accumulate inside large vesicles called protein bodies. gamma-Zein lines the inner face of the protein body membrane, and its N-terminal proline-rich repetitive domain with the sequence (VHLPPP)(8) appears to be necessary for the accumulation of the protein within the organelle. Synthetic (VHLPPP)(8) adopts an amphipathic polyproline II conformation. In a preliminary recent work we used atomic force microscopy to study the surface organization of the… CONTINUE READING
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