Supramolecular peptide amphiphile vesicles through host-guest complexation.

  title={Supramolecular peptide amphiphile vesicles through host-guest complexation.},
  author={Dezhi Jiao and Jin Geng and Xian Jun Loh and Debapratim Das and Tung-Chun Lee and Oren A Scherman},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={51 38},
Single-tail peptide amphiphiles, have been explored as a new class of biomaterials in many fields including nanotechnology and tissue engineering. A typical peptide amphiphile molecule is linked through a covalent amide bond between a hydrophilic peptide sequence and a hydrophobic lipid of variable length. In an aqueous environment, these peptide amphiphiles undergo self-assembly into structures such as vesicles, both spherical and cylindrical micelles or nanotubes, and have been successfully… CONTINUE READING