Supramolecular assembly and acid resistance of Helicobacter pylori urease

  title={Supramolecular assembly and acid resistance of Helicobacter pylori urease},
  author={Nam-Chul Ha and S Oh and Jae Young Sung and Kyeung Ah Cha and Mann Hyung Lee and Byung-Ha Oh},
  journal={Nature Structural Biology},
Helicobacter pylori, an etiologic agent in a variety of gastroduodenal diseases, produces a large amount of urease, which is believed to neutralize gastric acid by producing ammonia for the survival of the bacteria. Up to 30% of the enzyme associates with the surface of intact cells upon lysis of neighboring bacteria. The role of the enzyme at the extracellular location has been a subject of controversy because the purified enzyme is irreversibly inactivated below pH 5. We have determined the… CONTINUE READING
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