Supramaximal doses of botulinum toxin for refractory blepharospasm.

  title={Supramaximal doses of botulinum toxin for refractory blepharospasm.},
  author={Richard L Levy and Dalia Berman and Mona A Parikh and N. R. Miller},
  volume={113 9},
PURPOSE To investigate the response to supramaximal doses of botulinum toxin in patients with refractory blepharospasm. DESIGN Prospective, nonrandomized, open-label interventional case series. PARTICIPANTS Eight consecutive patients with blepharospasm requiring injections every 2 months despite receiving 100 U of botulinum toxin per session. INTERVENTION Increasing the dose of botulinum toxin per session above the conventional maximum. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Duration of treatment effect… CONTINUE READING