• Biology
  • Published 1990

Suppression ofT-Lymphocyte Responses toEntamoeba histolytica

  title={Suppression ofT-Lymphocyte Responses toEntamoeba histolytica},
  author={Adolfo Mart{\'i}nez-Palomo and Lourdes Canales and Henry W. Murray and Norberto Trevino and Jonathan I. Ravdin},
Lymphocytes frompatients curedofamebic liver abscesses proliferate andproduce gamma interferon upon incubation withsoluble Entamoeba histolytica antigen; however, amebicliver abscesses exhibit a relentless progression without treatment. Todetermine whether suppressive factors are present insera,we studied T-lymphocyte responsestototal soluble E.histolytica antigen byusing cells fromfive patients treated foramebic liver abscesses inthepresenceof15different immuneseraand10control sera… CONTINUE READING