Suppression of polyploidy by the BRCA2 protein.


Mounting evidence implicates BRCA2 not only in maintenance of genome integrity but also in cell-cycle checkpoints. However, the contribution of BRCA2 in the checkpoints is still far from being understood. Here, we demonstrate that breast cancer cells MX-1 are unable to maintain genome integrity, which results in gross polyploidization. We generated MX-1 clones, stably expressing BRCA2, and found that BRCA2 acts to suppress polyploidy. Compared with MX-1, the ectopically BRCA2-expressing cells had different intracellular levels of Aurora A, Aurora B, p21, E2F-1, and pRb, suggesting a BRCA2-mediated suppression of polyploidy via stabilization of the checkpoint proteins levels.

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