Suppression of large intestinal cancer in F344 rats by inositol hexaphosphate.

  title={Suppression of large intestinal cancer in F344 rats by inositol hexaphosphate.},
  author={Abulkalam M. Shamsuddin and Al M. Elsayed and A Ullah},
  volume={9 4},
Epidemiological data demonstrate correlations between dietary factors and the incidence of large intestinal cancer (LIC). Certain high-fiber diets are associated with a lower risk of LIC; these high-fiber diets are also rich in inositol hexaphosphate (IP6 or phytic acid). In a pilot study, we have used F344 rats to investigate the effect of sodium inositol hexaphosphate (Na-IP6) prior to (experiment I) and following injections of the carcinogen azoxymethane (AOM) (experiment II). In experiment… CONTINUE READING
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