Suppression of human natural killer cell activity by amino sugars.

  title={Suppression of human natural killer cell activity by amino sugars.},
  author={Masato Yagita and Motowo Nakajima and Eero Saksela},
  journal={Cellular immunology},
  volume={122 1},
In the present study we investigated the effect of amino sugars on human natural killer (NK) activity against K562, a human myeloid leukemia cell line, and Molt-4, a human T lymphoma cell line. The presence of amino sugars such as D-mannosamine, D-galactosamine, and D-glucosamine [6-25 mM (in the case of D-mannosamine, 1.5-12.5 mM)] in a 4-hr chromium-51 (Cr) release assay significantly inhibited NK activity of large granular lymphocytes (LGL) without affecting effector cell viability or… CONTINUE READING
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