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Suppression of Charge Density Wave by Substrate Induced Doping on TiSe$_2$/TiO$_2$ Heterostructure

  title={Suppression of Charge Density Wave by Substrate Induced Doping on TiSe\$\_2\$/TiO\$\_2\$ Heterostructure},
  author={Tao Jia and Slavko N. Rebec and Shujie Tang and Ke-Jun Xu and Hafiz M. Sohail and Makoto Hashimoto and Donghui Lu and Robert G. Moore and Zhi-Xun Shen},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
Substrate engineering provides an opportunity to modulate the physical properties of quantum materials in thin film form. Here we report that TiSe$_2$ thin films grown on TiO$_2$ have unexpectedly large electron doping that suppresses the charge density wave (CDW) order. This is dramatically different from either bulk single crystal TiSe$_2$ or TiSe$_2$ thin films on graphene. The epitaxial TiSe$_2$ thin films can be prepared on TiO$_2$ via molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) in two ways: by… 

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