Supporting the legal identities of contracting agents with an agent authorization platform


New technologies have introduced new ways in business transactions where online contracting is complementing and even substituting traditional paper-based transactions. One of the major recent innovations of online contracting is the use of intelligent agents to make contracts among users and businesses around the globe. Despite recent legislations on electronic contracting, there are no legislations governing automatic agent transactions except one preliminary attempt in the USA. We identify the key problem rooted at the authorization management in agent delegation as well as the proper legal identity of agents. Therefore, we advocate solutions that consider both legal and technical aspects. Based on current legal and business practices, we develop a conceptual model for agent authorization and identity management We propose an Agent Authorization Platform (AAP) for the enforcement of agent authorization during contract establishment as well as the maintenance of the legal identity of agents. The AAP also supports alerts and acknowledgment to further enforce the user's manifestation of assent to the contract terms. We also detail a required security scheme for the AAP based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies to demonstrate the feasibility of our approach.

DOI: 10.1145/1089551.1089681

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