Supporting retrieval of diverse biomedical data using evidence-aware queries


Though there have been many advances in providing access to linked and integrated biomedical data across repositories, developing methods which allow users to specify ambiguous and exploratory queries over disparate sources remains a challenge to extracting well-curated or diversely-supported biological information. In the following work, we discuss the concepts of data coverage and evidence in the context of integrated sources. We address diverse information retrieval via a simple framework for representing coverage and evidence that operates in parallel with an arbitrary schema, and a language upon which queries on the schema and framework may be executed. We show that this approach is capable of answering questions that require ranged levels of evidence or triangulation, and demonstrate that appropriately-formed queries can significantly improve the level of precision when retrieving well-supported biomedical data.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jbi.2010.07.005

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@article{Cadag2010SupportingRO, title={Supporting retrieval of diverse biomedical data using evidence-aware queries}, author={Eithon Cadag and Peter Tarczy-Hornoch}, journal={Journal of biomedical informatics}, year={2010}, volume={43 6}, pages={873-82} }