Supporting Performance Awareness in Autonomous Ensembles

  title={Supporting Performance Awareness in Autonomous Ensembles},
  author={Lubom{\'i}r Bulej and Tom{\'a}s Bures and Ilias Gerostathopoulos and Vojtech Hork{\'y} and Jaroslav Keznikl and Luk{\'a}s Marek and Max Tschaikowski and Mirco Tribastone and Petr Tuma},
  booktitle={The ASCENS Approach},
The ASCENS project works with systems of self-aware, selfadaptive and self-expressive ensembles. Performance awareness represents a concern that cuts across multiple aspects of such systems, from the techniques to acquire performance information by monitoring, to the methods of incorporating such information into the design making and decision making processes. This chapter provides an overview of five project contributions – performance monitoring based on the DiSL instrumentation framework… CONTINUE READING


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