Supporting MAC Layer Multicast in IEEE 802.11n: Issues and Solutions

  title={Supporting MAC Layer Multicast in IEEE 802.11n: Issues and Solutions},
  author={Xiaoli Wang and Lan Wang and Yingjie Wang and Yongsheng Zhang and Akira Yamada},
  journal={2009 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference},
In this paper, we propose a MAC layer multicast protocol for 802.11n WLAN for the first time. In IEEE 802.11n, new feature at MAC layer, such as frame aggregation and more flexible link adaptation are defined to increase the effective throughput. Recently, several multicast protocols at MAC layer have been proposed for WLAN. However, these protocols don't consider the new features defined in 802.11n, and cannot satisfy the requirement of fast speed transmission. In our proposed multicast… CONTINUE READING
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