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Supply response for wheat in Turkey: a vector error correction approach

  title={Supply response for wheat in Turkey: a vector error correction approach},
  author={Burhan Ozkan and Rahmiye Figen Ceylan and H. Sefa Kizilay},
  journal={New medit: Mediterranean journal of economics, agriculture and environment},
francaisLa reponse de l�offre de la production totale de ble a ete analysee en utilisant une approche de cointegration pendant la periode entre 1960 et 2009. La quantite de ble produit a ete analysee par rapport a la quantite produite pendant la periode precedente, la surface dediee a la production de ble et aux prix de production. La dynamique de l�equilibre a long terme a determine un modele de co-integration. Les resultats indiquent que les agriculteurs ne sont pas sensibles aux changements… 

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