Supply chain integration and national collectivism

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Does national culture matter? Understanding the impact of supply chain integration in multiple countries
Purpose With increasing globalization, supply chain management in various national cultures requires understanding. This study aims to examine the moderating effects of individualistic and
The impact of digitalization on supply chain resilience: an empirical study of the Chinese manufacturing industry
Purpose Facing turbulent environments, firms have strived to achieve greater supply chain resilience (SCR) to leverage the resources and knowledge of supply chain members. Both SCR and supply chain
The impact of business intelligence on supply chain performance with emphasis on integration and agility–a mixed research approach
PurposeThe paper aims to explore how business intelligence (BI), integration and agility influence supply chain performance.Design/methodology/approachThe study was performed by the exploratory
Comparison of International Family Business Supply Chain Integration and Non-International Family Business Supply Chain Integration of the Food Industry Sector of Michoacán, Mexico
The purpose of this research is to compare the integration of supply chains in international family businesses and non-international family businesses in the food industry sector of Michoacán,
Contractual Supply Chain Governance, Relational Supply Chain Governance and Performance Of Agro Processing Firms In Kenya
Agro processing industry establishes the biggest bit of 38% of Kenya manufacturing sector, but has untapped potential to contribute to employment and gross domestic product growth. The sector is
The economics of Africa's floriculture air-cargo supply chain
  • K. Button
  • Business
    Journal of Transport Geography
  • 2020
Toward the understanding of national culture in the success of non‐pharmaceutical technological interventions in mitigating COVID-19 pandemic
This study proposes a framework that describes how people from different countries, depending on their prevalent national cultural values, would be receptive (or intolerant) to using government-run technology solutions meant for curbing the pandemic spread.
A Systematic Literature Review of Supply Chain Integration


Supply Chain Psychological Contract Breach: An Experimental Study across National Cultures
Supply disruptions are commonplace in today's global supply chain environment. The sheer magnitude of daily transactions makes it inevitable that there will be disruptions, further exacerbated by
Linking firm culture and orientation to supply chain success
Purpose – To date research focused on cultural dimensions and the role it plays in supply chain management (SCM) has been limited. Executives interviewed as part of the background investigation for