Supply Chain Issues in Reusable Packaging

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Abstract Reusable/returnable shipping containers are not appropriate for every product or logistical system. Successful use depends on whether the investment is profitable, considering all cost flows, some of which are related to packaging performance issues. But it also depends on the ability of the supply chain to manage the relationships and operational aspects of the system. This paper uses two case studies to illustrate how a well-managed supply chain facilitates reusable packaging: the US… Expand
Reusable packaging in supply chains: A review of environmental and economic impacts, logistics system designs, and operations management
Abstract The pivotal shift from single-use to reusable packaging has recently challenged the concept of packaging ownership. Extant literature have studied supply chain systems using reusableExpand
Returnable Packaging in the Automotive Supply Chain
Problem Little research has been conducted on how packaging and returnable packaging are managed within suppliers in the Scandinavian automotive supply chain. Sources also propose that returnableExpand
Consideration on the Cost of Reusable and Expendable Shipping Container Systems : A Review
In order to reduce packaging and logistics costs for any business, it is important to identify opportunities for improvement throughout an entire logistics system including measurement of theExpand
An Optimal Purchase Decision of Reusable Packaging in the Automotive Industry
This approach and solution can enhance reliable and efficient supply chain operations in the automotive industry and may be applied to other industries where packaging is important and expensive. Expand
This article describes a case study on the replacement of disposable packaging for reusable packaging in the international flow of materials in a auto parts company in the Mercosur. The studyExpand
A joint economic lot size model with returnable transport items
The literature on the joint optimisation of order and production quantities typically tries to smooth the downstream flow of materials in a supply chain. Items that are transported in the oppositeExpand
Selection of Industrial Packaging System in Closed-loop Automotive Supply Chains
A model of the cost structure of returnable industrial packaging operating in a closed loop system is given, where the total cost will be especially determined by the return ratio, cost of return transport and planned number of uses. Expand
Waste reduction of returnable packaging: A case study of reverse logistics in an auto parts company
  • N. Katephap, S. Limnararat
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The result of this study shows that the main problem of packaging waste for packing auto parts used to transport among 3 countries is high and the export packaging waste can be reduced by 65%. Expand
A Dynamic Simulation Model for the Total Packaging System Cost Analysis in an International Supply Chain
The cost associated with each level of various activities enables to show a clearer picture of the true packaging and logistics costs, so any inefficiency in a supply chain due to adoption of different packaging system can be avoided. Expand
A framework for closed-loop supply chains of reusable articles
Reuse practices contribute to the environmental and economical sustainability of production and distribution systems. Surprisingly, reuse closed-loop supply chains (CLSC) have not been widelyExpand


This book is intended to serve as a managerial guide for planning and implementing waste reduction programs. It is based on the premise that proactive management of environmental issues is becomingExpand
What makes reusable packaging systems work
Discusses the benefits of recycling packaging, the most obvious being cost savings. But other benefits are often more important, such as better storage facilities and ease of handling direct intoExpand
Returnable containers: an example of reverse logistics
Outlines several ways in which the return of returnable containers can be organized, and describes a quantitative model that can be used to support the related planning process. Expand
Supply Chain – Logistics Management
Mission Statement The mission of the College of Business is to provide a high quality, student-oriented, educational experience to baccalaureate and master’s degree business students primarily fromExpand
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