Supply Chain Contract Model with Vague Demand Information

  • Gi - Tae Kim, Jun - Cheul Park
  • Published 2012


In supply chain, among many sectors, a wholesaler or retailer as a buyer purchases the finished product from the manufacturer as a supplier and sells them to customers. The problem between these two sectors has been an important issue. The buyer prefers the flexible order quantities to meet the demand of customers while the supplier wants the fixed orders to make the stable production plan (Frascatore and Mahmoodi, 2008). This conflict can be resolved by the contract between the buyer and the supplier (Cachon, 2003). This paper formulates the supply chain contract model with flexible options and fuzzy random variables. Information between the buyer and the supplier may be shared well or not. The information has been important part in supply chain management (Moon and Kang, 2008; Cho et al. 2007; Suh et al. 2003). In real environment, the buyer and the supplier do not want to share the information each other unless they have had a good relationship for a long time. However,

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