Supplementary Copies of Alalakh Tablets

  title={Supplementary Copies of Alalakh Tablets},
  author={Donald J. Wiseman},
  journal={Journal of Cuneiform Studies},
  pages={1 - 30}
  • D. Wiseman
  • Published 1 January 1954
  • History
  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies
In The Alalakh Tablets' it was not possible, mainly for financial reasons, to include all the copies which I had made. When I was at the point of storing away my unpublished copies, the editors of this Journal kindly offered them a haven. With the present publication, all the Alalakh tablets are now available in copy, with the exception of the longer lists of personal names2 and some of the more damaged fragments. 
An Excavated Dossier of Cuneiform Tablets from Level VII Alalah̬?
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    Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • 2011
This article examines whether or not the sequence of excavation numbers for cuneiform tablets excavated during the 1939 season at Alalah̬ (Tell Atchana) can reflect “excavated dossiers,” that is,
Four Notes on the Size of Late Bronze Age Canaan
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Scholarly consensus according to which Canaan in Late Bronze Age texts covered the entire area of the Egyptian province in Asia was disrupted with the appearance of N. P. Lemche's 1991 work on the
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Waseda University Egypt Archaeological Mission carried out the reclearance of the royal tomb of Amenophis III through three seasons from September 18th 1989 to April 1st 1990.(1) The tomb of
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In view of recent attempts to vaporize the Canaanites and to erase the land of Canaan from the map-principally in N. P. Lemche's 1991 volume, "The Canaanites and their Land: The Tradition of the
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