Supplemental Material: User Preferences for Hybrid Explanations


This document serves as supplemental material for the paper “User Preferences for Hybrid Explanations”, by Pigi Kouki, James Schaffer, Jay Pujara, John O’Donovan, and Lise Getoor, published on the 11th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems [1]. In this document, we present the details of the survey presented in the paper, and we encourage the reader to read this document along with the paper. For information about the motivation and the results of the survey, please refer to the paper [1].

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@inproceedings{Kouki2017SupplementalMU, title={Supplemental Material: User Preferences for Hybrid Explanations}, author={Pigi Kouki and James Schaf and Jay Pujara and John T. O’Donovan}, year={2017} }