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Supplement for basic principles of organic chemistry

  title={Supplement for basic principles of organic chemistry},
  author={John D. Roberts and Marjorie C. Caserio},
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Diffusion Controlled Oxidative Degradation of Un-stabilised Polyethylene
The chemical degradation processes of HDPE at 110 o C in air have been studied using light microscopy, FTIR analysis, micro-hardness and OsO4 staining. It is shown that carbonyl groups C=O, (asExpand
Reactive Blends of Epoxy Resin (DGEBA) Cross-Linked by Anionically Polymerized Polycaprolactam: Adhesive Property and Chemical Resistance
Different ratios of epoxy resin (i.e., diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A [DGEBA] and caprolactam) have been used to synthesize DGEBA/polycaprolactam reactive blends by carrying out anionicExpand
Coordination chemistry of anticrowns: Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure determination of the polydecker sandwich complexes of cyclic trimeric perfluoro-o-phenylenemercury with azulene and 6-(N,N-dimethylamino)pentafulvene
Abstract The interaction of cyclic trimeric perfluoro-o-phenylenemercury (o-C6F4Hg)3 (1) with azulene results in the formation of a complex, {[(o-C6F4Hg)3](azulene)} (2), containing one molecule ofExpand
The Kinetics of Crystallization of Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) by the Action of γ-Radiation
The kinetics of crystallization of PTFE over the temperature range 287–310 K upon its γ-irradiation to a dose of 220 kGy was studied using calorimetric procedures. Parameters for the models ofExpand
Transport and condensation of soft a-C:H film thermal decomposition products
Abstract Thermal destruction of soft a-C:H films obtained on a wall of a cylindrical quartz reactor during CH 4 dissociation in inductively coupled RF discharge ( T =300 K) has been investigated. TheExpand
Preparation, modification, and characterization of pitches from apricot stones
Abstract Apricot stones steam pyrolysis tar and mixtures with petroleum pitch were modified by sulfuric acid and heat treatment at various temperatures for the purpose of obtaining a raw material forExpand
Electronegativity of atoms of ring-containing molecules—NMR spectroscopy data correlations: a description within the framework of topological index approach
A method is proposed for taking into account peculiarities of the topology of ringcontaining organic molecules. The use of this method in combination with the previously developed procedure forExpand
A new method for determination of tetraethyl‐ and tetramethyllead in air
A new analytical method for determination of TMLead and TELead in air is suggested. A simple system for preconcentration and collection of the alkyllead vapours on iodized glass fibre carbon filtersExpand
The Contrasting Strain Energies of Small Ring Carbon and Silicon Rings. The Relationship with free Radical Energies
The similar strain energies of cyclopropane and of cyclobutane, despite the large differences in angle deformation, are due to 1, 3-CC repulsions in the latter and rehybridization in the former. TheExpand
Environmental transformations of DPA, SOPP, benomyl, and TBZ.
Diphenylamine (DPA), sodium orthophenylphenate (SOPP), benomyl, and thiabendazole (TBZ) are frequently used to control the physical, chemical, and bacterial degradation of fruit duringExpand