Supervolcanoes within an ancient volcanic province in Arabia Terra, Mars

  title={Supervolcanoes within an ancient volcanic province in Arabia Terra, Mars},
  author={Joseph R. Michalski and Jacob E. Bleacher},
Several irregularly shaped craters located within Arabia Terra, Mars, represent a new type of highland volcanic construct and together constitute a previously unrecognized Martian igneous province. Similar to terrestrial supervolcanoes, these low-relief paterae possess a range of geomorphic features related to structural collapse, effusive volcanism and explosive eruptions. Extruded lavas contributed to the formation of enigmatic highland ridged plains in Arabia Terra. Outgassed sulphur and… 
Caldera Collapse and Volcanic Resurfacing in Arabia Terra Provide Hints of Vast Under‐Recognized Early Martian Volcanism
Arabia Terra is an ancient, geologically complex region of Mars. It is not typically described as volcanic because it lacks prominent, easily recognizable shield volcanoes. However, Arabia Terra
Introduction: The Arabia Terra region is one of the oldest martian landscapes, and has been geomorphologically interpreted to bear evidence of paterae eruptions similar to terrestrial supervolcanoes
Stratigraphic Evidence for Early Martian Explosive Volcanism in Arabia Terra
Several large paterae in Arabia Terra are suggested to be calderas that produced colossal explosive eruptions (i.e., supereruptions). If these features are indeed explosive calderas, dispersion
Evidence of Regionally Distributed Tectono‐Volcanism in a Floor Fractured Crater of North‐Central Arabia Terra, Mars
Arabia Terra features many tectonic structures, which have been correlated to episodes of incipient tectonics, massive impacts, and controls on fluvial systems. However, the extent of regionally
Knobby terrain on ancient volcanoes as an indication of dominant early explosive volcanism on Mars
Determining if the mechanically weak materials of the upper crust are products of early explosive volcanism or generated by modification of extensive effusive lava flows is important for
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18 Arsinoes and Pyrrhae Chaos are two adjacent chaotic terrains located east to Valles Marineris 19 and west to Arabia Terra, on Mars. In this work we produced a morpho-stratigraphic map of 20 the
Small Volcanic Vents of the Tharsis Volcanic Province, Mars
Distributed‐style volcanism is an end member of terrestrial volcanism that produces clusters of small volcanoes when isolated magma bodies ascend from broad magma source regions. Volcano clusters can
Chapter 41 Volcanism on Mars
AMAZONIAN The youngest geologic time period on Mars identified through geologic mapping of superposition relations and the areal density of impact craters. caldera An irregular collapse feature


Explosive volcanism in the Tharsis region: Global evidence in the Martian geologic record
[1] A global equatorial set of layered deposits on Mars has been reexamined with Mars Global Surveyor data. The stratigraphy, morphology, and erosional characteristics of units separated by thousands
Sedimentary resurfacing and fretted terrain development along the crustal dichotomy boundary, Aeolis Mensae, Mars
[1] The evolution of the Martian crustal dichotomy boundary, which separates the southern cratered highlands from the northern lowland plains by 1–3 km of elevation, remains among the fundamental
Martian sedimentary rock stratigraphy: Outcrops and interbedded craters of northwest Sinus Meridiani and southwest Arabia Terra
Layers in the upper martian crust record a complex history of deposition and erosion. We examined a region between 2°–9°N, 1°–8°W and found that light‐toned, layered, sedimentary rocks in northwest
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The northern lowlands of Mars may have been produced by plate tectonics. Preexisting old thick highland crust was subducted, while seafloor spreading produced thin lowland crust during Late Noachian
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