Supervisory attentional system in nonamnesic alcoholic men.

  title={Supervisory attentional system in nonamnesic alcoholic men.},
  author={Xavier No{\"e}l and Martial Van der Linden and Nancy Schmidt and R. S. Sferrazza and Catherine Hanak and Olivier le Bon and J de Mol and Charles Kornreich and Isidore Pelc and Paul Verbanck},
  journal={Archives of general psychiatry},
  volume={58 12},
BACKGROUND Many studies have shown that recently detoxified alcoholic persons perform poorly on tasks thought to be sensitive to frontal lobe damage, supporting the hypothesis that the frontal lobes are highly vulnerable to chronic alcohol consumption. However, it appeared that most of the executive tasks used in these studies also involved nonexecutive components, and these tasks had been shown to be impaired as a result of nonfrontal lobe lesions. In this study, we examined further the… CONTINUE READING
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