Supersymmetry relics in one-flavor QCD from a new 1/N expansion.


We suggest a new large-N(c) limit for multiflavor QCD. Since fundamental and two-index antisymmetric representations are equivalent in SU(3), we have the option to define SU(N(c)) QCD keeping quarks in the latter. We can then define a new 1/N(c) expansion (at a fixed number of flavors N(f)) that shares appealing properties with the topological (fixed N(f)/N… (More)

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@article{Armoni2003SupersymmetryRI, title={Supersymmetry relics in one-flavor QCD from a new 1/N expansion.}, author={A. Armoni and Mark A. Shifman and Gabriele Veneziano}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2003}, volume={91 19}, pages={191601} }