Supersymmetry of Anti-de Sitter black holes

  title={Supersymmetry of Anti-de Sitter black holes},
  author={Marco M. Caldarelli and Dietmar Klemm},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},

AdS black holes from duality in gauged supergravity

A bstractWe study and utilize duality transformations in a particular STU-model of four dimensional gauged supergravity. This model is a truncation of the de Wit-Nicolai $ \mathcal{N} $ =8 theory and

Supersymmetry on three-dimensional Lorentzian curved spaces and black hole holography

A bstractWe study $ \mathcal{N} $ ≤ 2 superconformal and supersymmetric theories on Lorentzian three-manifolds with a view toward holographic applications, in particular to BPS black hole solutions.

Dyonic AdS black holes in maximal gauged supergravity

We present two new classes of dyonic anti-de Sitter black hole solutions of four-dimensional maximal N=8, SO(8) gauged supergravity. They are (1) static black holes of N=2, U(1)4 gauged supergravity

The near-horizon geometry of supersymmetric rotating AdS4 black holes in M-theory

We classify the necessary and sufficient conditions to obtain the near-horizon geometry of extremal supersymmetric rotating black holes embedded in 11d supergravity which are associated to rotating

Static supersymmetric black holes in AdS4 with spherical symmetry

We elaborate further on the static supersymmetric AdS4 black holes found in [1], investigating thoroughly the BPS constraints for spherical symmetry in N = 2 gauged supergravity in the presence of

Theory and Stringy Corrections to Anti-de Sitter Black Holes and Conformal Field Theories

We consider black holes in anti-de Sitter space AdSp+2 (p = 2, 3, 5), which have hyperbolic, flat or spherical event horizons. The O(α′3) corrections (or the leading corrections in powers of the

General (Anti-)de Sitter black holes in five dimensions

We find a general class of rotating charged black hole solutions to N = 2, D = 5 gauged supergravity coupled to vector supermultiplets. The supersymmetry properties of these solutions are studied,

Multicharge accelerating black holes and spinning spindles

We construct a family of multi-dyonically charged and rotating supersymmetric AdS 2 × Σ solutions of D = 4, N = 4 gauged supergravity, where Σ is a sphere with two conical singularities known as a

Mass-deformed ABJM and black holes in AdS4

A bstractWe find a class of new supersymmetric dyonic black holes in four-dimensional maximal gauged supergravity which are asymptotic to the SU(3) × U(1) invariant AdS4 Warner vacuum. These black



Rotating topological black holes

A class of metrics solving Einstein's equations with a negative cosmological constant and representing rotating, topological black holes is presented. All such solutions are in the Petrov type-$D$

Quantum properties of topological black holes

We examine quantum properties of topological black holes which are asymptotically anti--de Sitter. First, massless scalar fields and Weyl spinors which propagate in the background of an anti--de

Black holes with unusual topology

Einstein's equations with a negative cosmological constant admit solutions which are asymptotically anti\char21{}de Sitter space. Matter fields in anti\char21{}de Sitter space can be in stable

Black plane solutions in four-dimensional spacetimes.

  • CaiZhang
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1996
The static, plane symmetric solutions and cylindrically symmetric solutions of Einstein-Maxwell equations with a negative cosmological constant are investigated. These black configurations are

Thermodynamics of (3+1)-dimensional black holes with toroidal or higher genus horizons

We examine counterparts of the Reissner-Nordstr\"om\char21{}anti\char21{}de Sitter black hole spacetimes in which the two-sphere has been replaced by a surface \ensuremath{\Sigma} of constant

Making anti-de Sitter black holes

It is known from the work of Banados et al that a spacetime with event horizons (much like the Schwarzschild black hole) can be obtained from (2 + 1)-dimensional anti-de Sitter space through a

The Large-N Limit of Superconformal Field Theories and Supergravity

We show that the large-N limits of certainconformal field theories in various dimensions includein their Hilbert space a sector describing supergravityon the product of anti-de Sitter spacetimes,

Correspondence principle for black holes and strings

For most black holes in string theory, the Schwarzschild radius in string units decreases as the string coupling is reduced. We formulate a correspondence principle, which states that (i) when the