Supersymmetry in stochastic processes with higher-order time derivatives

  title={Supersymmetry in stochastic processes with higher-order time derivatives},
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Kramers Equation and Supersymmetry
Hamilton’s equations with noise and friction possess a hidden supersymmetry, valid for time-independent as well as periodically time-dependent systems. It is used to derive topological properties of
Fokker-Planck and Langevin Equations from the Forward-Backward Path Integral
Abstract Starting from a forward-backward path integral of a point particle in a bath of harmonic oscillators, we derive the Fokker–Planck and Langevin equations with and without inertia. Special
Supersymmetric Langevin equation to explore free-energy landscapes.
The recently discovered supersymmetric generalizations of the Langevin dynamics and Kramers equation can be utilized for the exploration of free-energy landscapes of systems whose large time-scale
Introduction to Supersymmetric Theory of Stochastics
The possibility of constructing a unified theory of DLRO has emerged recently within the approximation-free supersymmetric theory of stochastics (STS), which may be interesting to researchers with very different backgrounds because the ubiquitous DLRO is a truly interdisciplinary entity.
Deterministic and stochastic dynamics in spinodal decomposition of a binary system
Numeric modelling shows that the hyperbolic evolution leads to sharper boundary between two structures of a decomposed system in comparison with prediction of parabolic equation given by the theory of Cahn and Hilliard.
Topological Field Theory and Computing with Instantons
TFTs of another type, specifically the gauge-field-less Witten-type TFTs known as topological sigma models, describe the recently proposed digital memcomputing machines (DMMs) - engineered dynamical systems with point attractors being the solutions of the corresponding logic circuit that solves a specific task.
Grandes déviations, physique statistique et systèmes dynamiques
La theorie des grandes deviations traite des comportements asymptotiques d'evenements rares. C'est le langage moderne de la physique statistique d'equilibre, qui semble offrir un cadre naturel pour
Stratonovich-Ito integration scheme in ultrafast spin caloritronics
The magnonic spin Seebeck effect is a key element of spin caloritronics, a field that exploits thermal effects for spintronic applications. Early studies were focused on investigating the


Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics Statistics and Polymer Physics
Elementary properties and simple solutions external sources, correlation function and perturbation theory semiclassical time displacement amplitude Feynman-Kleinert variational approach and
Random Magnetic Fields, Supersymmetry, and Negative Dimensions
We prove the equivalence, near the critical point, of a $D$-dimensional spin system in a random external magnetic field with a ($D\ensuremath{-}2$)-dimensional spin system in the absence of a
Quantization of Gauge Systems
This is a systematic study of the classical and quantum theories of gauge systems. It starts with Dirac's analysis showing that gauge theories are constrained Hamiltonian systems. The classical