Supersymmetric gauge theories and the AdS / CFT correspondence

  title={Supersymmetric gauge theories and the AdS / CFT correspondence},
  author={E. D’Hoker and D. Freedman},
  • E. D’Hoker, D. Freedman
  • Published 2002
  • Physics
  • In these lecture notes we first assemble the basic ingredients of supersymmetric gauge theories (particularly N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory), supergravity, and superstring theory. Brane solutions are surveyed. The geometry and symmetries of anti-de Sitter space are discussed. The AdS/CFT correspondence of Maldacena and its application to correlation functions in the the conformal phase of N=4 SYM are explained in considerable detail. A pedagogical treatment of holographic RG flows is given… CONTINUE READING


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