Supersymmetric black holes in string theory

  title={Supersymmetric black holes in string theory},
  author={T. Mohaupt},
  journal={Fortschritte der Physik},
  • T. Mohaupt
  • Published 5 March 2007
  • Physics
  • Fortschritte der Physik
We review recent developments concerning supersymmetric black holes in string theory. After a general introduction to the laws of black hole mechanics and to black hole entropy in string theory, we discuss black hole solutions in N = 2 supergravity, special geometry, the black hole attractor equations and the underlying variational principle. Special attention is payed to the crucial role of higher derivative corrections. Finally we discuss black hole partition functions and their relation with… 


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We calculate α'2-corrections to the entropy of the 5-dimensional 3-charge and the 4-dimensional 4-charge large extremal black holes using the low energy effective action of the heterotic string

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