Supersymmetric W-algebras

  title={Supersymmetric W-algebras},
  author={Alexander I. Molev and Eric Ragoucy and Uhi Rinn Suh},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
We explain a general theory of W -algebras in the context of supersymmetric vertex algebras. We describe the structure of W -algebras associated with odd nilpotent elements of Lie superalgebras in terms of their free generating sets. As an application, we produce explicit free generators of the W -algebra associated with the odd principal nilpotent element of the Lie superalgebra $$\mathfrak {gl}(n+1|n)$$ gl ( n + 1 | n ) . 

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  • Mathematics
    International Mathematics Research Notices
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  • 1992

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Abstract.In Section 1 we review various equivalent definitions of a vertex algebra V. The main novelty here is the definition in terms of an indefinite integral of the λ-bracket. In Section 2 we

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