Supersymmetric Extension of the Sine-Gordon Theory with Integrable Boundary Interactions

  title={Supersymmetric Extension of the Sine-Gordon Theory with Integrable Boundary Interactions},
  author={Takeo Inami and Satoru Odake and Yao-Z Zhang},
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On the Perturbative Expansion of Boundary Reflection Factors of the Supersymmetric Sinh-Gordon Model

The supersymmetric sinh–Gordon model on a half-line with integrable boundary conditions is considered perturbatively to verify conjectured exact reflection factors to one loop order. Propagators for

A note on the IR limit of the NLIEs of boundary supersymmetric sine-Gordon model

We consider the infrared (IR) limit of the nonlinear integral equations (NLIEs) for the boundary supersymmetric sine-Gordon (BSSG) model, previously obtained from the NLIEs for the inhomogeneous open

Exact boundary scattering matrices of the supersymmetric sine - Gordon theory on a half-line

Using the boundary Yang - Baxter equations and exact results on the bulk S-matrices, we compute exact boundary scattering amplitudes of the supersymmetric sine - Gordon model with integrable boundary

Reflection Matrices for Integrable $N=1$ Supersymmetric Theories



Boundary conditions for integrable quantum systems

A new class of boundary conditions is described for quantum systems integrable by means of the quantum inverse scattering (R-matrix) method. The method proposed allows the author to treat open

Super Virasoro Algebra and Solvable Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories

On etudie des relations entre des algebres super-Virasoro et des systemes super-soliton aux niveaux classique et quantique. On deduit explicitement plusieurs membres de l'ensemble infini de quantites

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