Supersymmetric Completion of an R 2 Term in Five-Dimensional Supergravity

  title={Supersymmetric Completion of an R 2 Term in Five-Dimensional Supergravity},
  author={Hanaki and Ohashi and Tachikawa},
We analyze the structure of a particluar higher derivative correction of fivedimensional ungauged and gauged supergravity with eight supercharges. Namely, we determine all the purely bosonic terms which are connected by the supersymmetry transformation to the mixed gauge-gravitational Chern-Simons term, W ∧ trR ∧ R. Our construction utilizes the superconformal formulation of supergravity. As an application, we determine the condition for the supersymmetric Anti-de Sitter vacuum in its presence… CONTINUE READING
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