Supersolid devil's staircases of spin-orbit-coupled bosons in optical lattices

  title={Supersolid devil's staircases of spin-orbit-coupled bosons in optical lattices},
  author={Daisuke Yamamoto and Kotaro Bannai and Nobuo Furukawa and Carlos A. R. S{\'a} de Melo},
  journal={Physical Review Research},
We study the emergence of supersolid Devil's staircases of spin-orbit coupled bosons loaded in optical lattices. We consider two- and three-dimensional systems of pseudo-spin-$1/2$ bosons interacting via local spin-dependent interactions. These interactions together with spin-orbit coupling produce length scales that are commensurate to the lattice spacing. This commensurability leads to Devil's staircases of supersolids, with fractal Hausdorff dimensions, which arise from uniform superfluid… 



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