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Superradiant coherent photons and hypercomputation in brain microtubules considered as metamaterials

  title={Superradiant coherent photons and hypercomputation in brain microtubules considered as metamaterials},
  author={Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri and Takaaki Musha},
Several studies have suggested the theoretical possibility of considering human brain as supercomputer using superluminal evanescent photons eventually generated inside its microtubules to manipulate quantum bits in brain. In a previous work we have shown that in the water trapped inside brain microtubules could exist the conditions to allow a spontaneous QED quantum vacuum phase transition towards a macroscopic coherent quantum state characterized by a phased oscillation, at a rescaled… 
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Quantum Vacuum Dynamics , Coherence , Superluminal Photons and Hypercomputation in Brain Microtubules

Recent researches have shown the theoretical possibility of accomplishing hypercomputation in human brain by using eventual superluminal evanescent photons generated inside brain's microtubules,

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