Superradiant Instability and Backreaction of Massive Vector Fields around Kerr Black Holes.

  title={Superradiant Instability and Backreaction of Massive Vector Fields around Kerr Black Holes.},
  author={William E. East and Frans Pretorius},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={119 4},
We study the growth and saturation of the superradiant instability of a complex, massive vector (Proca) field as it extracts energy and angular momentum from a spinning black hole, using numerical solutions of the full Einstein-Proca equations. We concentrate on a rapidly spinning black hole (a=0.99) and the dominant m=1 azimuthal mode of the Proca field, with real and imaginary components of the field chosen to yield an axisymmetric stress-energy tensor and, hence, spacetime. We find that in… 

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