Superparamagnetic gadonanotubes are high-performance MRI contrast agents.

  title={Superparamagnetic gadonanotubes are high-performance MRI contrast agents.},
  author={Balaji Sitharaman and Kyle R Kissell and Keith Hartman and Lesa A Tran and A. A. Baikalov and Irene Rusakova and Yang-Kook Sun and Htet A. Khant and Steven J. Ludtke and W Z Chiu and Sabrina Laus and {\'E}va T{\'o}th and Lothar Helm and Andr{\'e} E. Merbach and Lon J Wilson},
  journal={Chemical communications},
We report the nanoscale loading and confinement of aquated Gd3+n-ion clusters within ultra-short single-walled carbon nanotubes (US-tubes); these Gd3+n@US-tube species are linear superparamagnetic molecular magnets with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) efficacies 40 to 90 times larger than any Gd3+-based contrast agent (CA) in current clinical use. 


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