Superoxide production in aprotic interior of chloroplast thylakoids.

  title={Superoxide production in aprotic interior of chloroplast thylakoids.},
  author={Mika Takahashi and Kozi Asada},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={267 2},
The site of superoxide production in spinach thylakoids was found to be the aprotic interior of the thylakoid membranes near the P700 chlorophyll a protein at the reaction center of photosystem I complexes. This conclusion was drawn from the following findings. (i) Cytochrome c reduction by illuminated thylakoids, which was confirmed to be superoxide dependent by the failure of this reaction to occur in anaerobiosis, was completely inhibited by a dibutyl catechol, but partially inhibited by a… CONTINUE READING


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