Superoxide mediates the toxicity of paraquat for cultured mammalian cells.

  title={Superoxide mediates the toxicity of paraquat for cultured mammalian cells.},
  author={Judith Krall and A C Bagley and G. T. Mullenbach and R. A. Hallewell and Robert E. Lynch},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={263 4},
To establish some of the necessary steps in the toxic action of paraquat for cultured mammalian cells, we isolated paraquat-resistant HeLa cells after lethal increments in concentration of paraquat in the medium. The paraquat-resistant cells had increased the cellular content of both the Mn-containing and the CuZn-containing superoxide dismutases. The effect of paraquat on the consumption of oxygen by the wild-type and the resistance cells was similar; in both cases exposure to paraquat for 24… CONTINUE READING
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