Superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and singlet oxygen in hematoporphyrin derivative-cysteine, -NADH and -light systems.

  title={Superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and singlet oxygen in hematoporphyrin derivative-cysteine, -NADH and -light systems.},
  author={Garry R Buettner and R D Hall},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={923 3},
Hematoporphyrin derivative and light in the presence of cysteine or glutathione were found to convert oxygen to superoxide and hydrogen peroxide at pH less than approx. 6.5, while at pH greater than 6.5 no superoxide or hydrogen peroxide production was observed. However, at pH values greater than 6.5 the rate of oxygen consumption increased. This rate paralleled the acid dissociation curve of the cysteine thiol group and is consistent with the chemical quenching of 1O2 by cysteine. The… CONTINUE READING
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