Superlattice of Single Atom Magnets on Graphene.

  title={Superlattice of Single Atom Magnets on Graphene.},
  author={Romana Baltic and Marina Pivetta and Fabio Donati and Christian W{\"a}ckerlin and Aparajita Singha and Jan Dreiser and Stefano Rusponi and Harald Brune},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={16 12},
Regular arrays of single atoms with stable magnetization represent the ultimate limit of ultrahigh density storage media. Here we report a self-assembled superlattice of individual and noninteracting Dy atoms on graphene grown on Ir(111), with magnetic hysteresis up to 5.6 T and spin lifetime of 1000 s at 2.5 K. The observed magnetic stability is a consequence of the intrinsic low electron and phonon densities of graphene and the 6-fold symmetry of the adsorption site. Our array of single atom… CONTINUE READING

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